ACT-SO Committees

Roles and Responsibilities

ACT-SO Committee Chairperson
There will be a chairperson for each ACT-SO committee. The committee chairperson will coordinate the responsibilities for the volunteers on their committee. They will submit a written progress report on a regular basis to the Steering Committee. Progress reports will include information about committee activity, progress, challenges and future action plans.

Administrative Support Committee
The administrative support committee will assist with data entry of student and family information, assembling of information packets, preparing nametags, sending e-mails and making phone calls.

Program Book Committee
The program book committee will design and develop the layout for the program book. They will assist in the assembly of the program book or seek an outside vendor to assemble the book. The program book committee will arrange for the photographing of students for the program book.

Awards Banquet Committee
"The banquet committee will manage event planning and coordinate staff needed for the award banquet. Events may include planning for the competition breakfast, lunch and the awards ceremony. The committee will coordinate staff for planning, set-up and clean-up. "

Fundraising Committee
The fundraising committee will coordinate fundraising and solicitation activities. They will identify corporate sponsors and organizations that provide grants and financial funding. They will assist in the grant writing process.

Gifts 2 Geniuses Committee
The Gifts 2 Geniuses Committee will coordinate and solicit gift donations for the students . They will identify corporate sponsors, individuals and organizations that provide gifts to be given to the students.

Mentor/Judge Committee
The mentor committee will seek out and procure professionals who have knowledge in the various competition areas to serve as mentors. They will coordinate mentor/student activities and monitor student contact with mentors.
The judge committee will procure judges who are knowledgeable in the various competition areas. They will train judges in the ACT-SO procedures for judging their given category. They will facilitate judge assignments and communicate competition details to the judges.

Recruitment Committee
The student recruitment committee will identify the geographic area that DuPage County ACT-SO will encompass. They will solicit students from area schools, churches and community organizations that have programs for minority high school students. They will coordinate distribution of information and follow-up.
The volunteer recruitment committee will assist in the recruitment of volunteers. They will communicate with each committee chairperson to receive information about planned events. They will coordinate volunteer help needed for the successful implementation of each program.

Program Planning
The program planning committee will coordinate student events that could include service projects, social events and workshops. They will seek out and procure workshop facilitators.

Travel Committee
"The travel committee will organize travel for the national competition. They will gather information about housing, transportation and cost. They will prepare an itinerary for students and families to follow while at the Competition."

Chaperone Committee
"The chaperone committee will recruit volunteers to travel with and supervise students during the national competition. They will train chaperones in ACT-SO procedures for student conduct, safety, and discipline during travel to the national competition.

Public Relations Committee
The public relations committee will promote ACT-SO events. They will contact local newspapers, television stations and radio stations to inform them of ACT-SO events and to seek coverage of the events.
The ACT-SO public relations committee will research and write articles for the ACT-SO newsletter. They will design the layout for the newsletter.

Photography Committee
The photography committee members will photograph and videotape ACT-SO activities. Activities may include the orientation/information sessions, student social and service events and the actual competition.

Local Competition Committee
The local competition committee will recruit volunteers and train in being room facilitators, door monitors, and time keepers.

Committee Contacts


  • Dorletta Payton

College of DuPage c/o
DuPage County ACT-SO

1223 Rickert Rd.
Naperville, IL 60540
331-462-2876 or 331-46ACTSO


  • Joyce Sprowl (Coordinator)

Public Relations

  • Dorletta Payton

Program Planning

  • Thomas Reed

Student Recruitment and
         Community Liaison

  • Amania Drane


  • Peggy Johnson


  • Cynthia Johnson

Awards Banquet

  • Wanda Parker
  • Claudette Thomas

National Travel

  • Amania Drane

Program Book

  • Sonia McKenzie

College of DuPage Coordinator

  • Cynthia Johnson


  • Michael Henderson